This is an image of two Hot Air Balloons taking off from Sun Catchers Launch Site. The sunrise is visible in the background.

Important information to know before you fly with us.

Who can participate?

What to wear and bring along:

This is an image of two balloons that landed on a farmer's field. The Drakensberg 
            Mountain is visible in the background.
This image is of a family celebraing Oupa & Ouma's 50th Wedding Aniversary.

What will the safety briefing include?

Why do you only fly at Sunrise?

Hot air balloons fly when winds are most stable, usually shortly after sunrise. This is because the heating of the earth during the day creates thermal winds, which makes conditions unstable.

Will pilots cancel a balloon flight due to weather?

Perhaps. If the pilot or pilots feel the weather condition is unsafe, they will cancel the flight. The pilot has the final say.

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