Licensing and insurance

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All air service operations must be licensed by the Department of Transport and must have a current Operating Certificate (AOC) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In addition, there are mandatory liability and third party insurance requirements, as well as the licensing of pilots and equipment

Air Service License

We operate under our own air service license (not under contract or lease). Number N691D

Operating Certificate

We operate under our own Part 135 AOC No. FO4783.
The certificate is reviewed annually once an inspector of the CAA has scrutinized our records, equipment, insurance, crew licenses, aircraft licenses, manifests, load sheets, operators manual, training records and legal publications.

Aircraft on our AOC

ZS HUS Kubicek 300 000 cu.ft rated to carry 16 persons (effectively pilot + 12-14 passengers)
ZS OXF Kavanagh 210 000 cu.ft rated to carry 12 persons (effectively pilot + 8-10 passengers)
ZS HYY Thunder and Colt 180 000 cu.ft rated to carry 10 persons (effectively pilot + 6 passengers)
ZS PYA Kavanagh 120 000 cu.ft rated to carry 7 persons (effectively pilot + 4-5 passengers)


We carry the required passenger liability and third part insurance. Our insurers are SANTAM


Member: Balloon and Airship Federation SA
Member: Hoedspruit Flying Club
Member: Aeroclub SA