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Sun Catchers Hot Air Balloons

A collection of emails from passengers:

Hi Ann
I hope you had a wonderful festive season. 
I just would like to thank you for organising the most wonderful experience we had, staying at Otter's Den and doing the Hot Air Ballooning at Hoedspruit.  We really had a relaxing, yet exciting time out there and would recommend Regent Exclusive Safaris to any of our friends.
Plse again convey our thanks to the Uys'e from Otter's Den (my children had a fun time with Philip) as their hospitality were absolutely outstanding and recommendable.  Also to Deon who piloted our Balloon.  With his wonderful warm personality, he really made the trip more than memorable.    
Warm regards from Somerset-west in Cape Town.
S. van der M.

Dear Wynand,

Just a short note to tell you that I am now back in Luanda after a succesful and enjoyable vacation in SA, thanks in no small measure to our special experience at Otter's Den and the Canyon. I hope it was obvious how much we enjoyed it.
We all thought you are running a very professional operation - both the
lodge and the rafting - but, most importantly, the atmosphere in both places was great.
So, on behalf of myself and the 3 other Finns, our sincere and heart-felt thanks.



Dear Wynand,

it was absolute a pleasure to do the balloning above the bush arround Hoedspruit with you last week. I really had a good time and I hope to do it again with friends arround Christmas this year.
See you next time.

Best regards,


Dear Otters Den staff,

I just wanted to thank all of you for our magic long-weekend with you recently. Thanks for going out of your way for us - the balloon flight was just the cherry on the top! I hope we can come and stay with you again sometime when the rivers are full & rafting is also an option.



Dear Wynand, Marie Tinka, Philip and Magdel

Well we are back to normality again after the wedding!  It was the honeymoon of a lifetime and we had an excellent 5 days in Kruger.  We saw the big 5 plus - plus - plus.......but the wedding and balloon ride were definitely the highlights of the whole trip - of course!
Everyone felt that things worked out for the best in the end, as we really enjoyed the wedding and the focus on the ceremony, which was so well done by James.  Then we got the most out of the balloon ride too.So it couldn't have been better.
Thank you all very much for making our two days with you so special.  We all really appreciated your efforts, from large to small, and no detail went unnoticed, I can assure you.  The accommodation was really special,the food great, and all the little touches like the candles, flowers and decoration on the chairs etc were so classy.  Magdel and Marie Tinka, you are excellent decorators!
We were so thankful to be able to fly in the end, it was an experience that, even as pilots, we'll never forget.  Thanks Wynand, for making that happen.  We also really enjoyed the walk with you, and surprised the ranger in Kruger with our excellent knowledge!
So all in all it was a wonderful trip, and made that much more excellent by your hospitality.  Thanks again from all of us.

Paddy, Markus, Paul, Marie, Patrick, Hubert and Charlene

Bonjour Mary T, bonjour Wynand,

Out of Africa I would like to thank you warmly for you kind hospitality on your island with Felicity.
It is a place where everybody dreams to stay again. I hope to get the ppportunity to visit you again with some French balloonists or other friends.
Even shorted by our late arrival, we had with you a marvellous evening and morning at Ottersden.
If you plan to visit France, Loire Valley and Les Châteaux de la Loire, I shall be happy to welcome you. I am living just south from Saumur and we quite often take off from an island in the middle of Loire River. Landscapes and wines are marvelous here. The best season is short but splendid from mid July to mid September.
I hope to see you soon. Thanks again.