Bookings and Terms

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Our office is staffed 7am to 8pm and the mobile phone number listed below is in a staff member's care throughout the night. The most efficient procedure is to enquire by telephone or email, and to finalise a booking using our email address listed below.

How long before?

Bookings can be made as long in advance as you like, but you may even try for a booking the evening before. Ours is a simple, "first booked, first served" policy.

How many passengers?

We are equipped to fly 18 to 20 passengers spread over three balloons (dependant on ambient temperature and passenger weights).
Groups larger than 18 passengers can be accommodated over several days, if they have the time available, but we can only fly at sunrise, one flight of three balloons per day.

Information required

Regulations, and a healthy respect for safety, require that we complete a detailed flight manifest and load sheet for each flight. Hence, we require a first name and surname for each passenger, as well as the weight of each passenger in kg, stone or lb. Bookings will only be confirmed once we are in receipt of passenger's names, weights and contact numbers where they can be reached throughout the night before a flight. The reason for the latter requirement is that the weather might become unfavourable or unsafe for ballooning and we then have to contact all passengers to advise them of the cancellation or postponement.

The Weather

We study high-resolution aviation weather forecasts and we plan our flights accordingly. Winds in excess of 8 knots prohibit a flight and so does drizzle or rain. Thunderstorm activity within 50km also leads to a cancellation.
We can, with reasonable certainty, say if a flight will take place the next day and with less certainty provide an outlook two days into the future. Long before sunrise the morning of the flight, we do further weather analyses to ensure that conditions fall within our limitations. The Hoedspruit area is blessed (from a balloonist's point of view) with mostly calm mornings and good visibility. On average, we can fly balloons about 5 days a week. If you have more than one morning available for ballooning during your stay, you have a good chance of success.


We do not require a deposit, but we expect guests to honour their booking.
"No-shows" without prior cancellation will incur cancellation fees of up to 100%.
Passengers or their agents are only invoiced after the flight, to allow for cancellations forced by weather.
Payment is due on the day of the flight.
We accept any of the major credit cards, and we have manual facilities on site to process credit/debit cards.
Internet transfers and cash also accepted.